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6 Tips For Saving Money On Halloween

Trick or treat!!!

Here's some saving money ideas for Halloween:

1) Gender neutral, slightly too big, costumes. Not always possible for the picky kids who want something different each year or who want something gender specific, but for us it works. My daughter is wearing her pumpkin jacket for the fourth year (her choice). When she was almost two, I had to roll up the sleeves and the jacket came down to her knees, and now that she's almost six, it fits her properly.

2) Re-usable candy carriers. One year my Hubby splurged and bought them plastic pumpkin buckets with handles which at the time I thought was extravagant, but now I appreciate. They use them every year and store the candy in them in the cupboard as well.

3) Stop by the store on the afternoon of the 31st and see if they mark the candy down. You wouldn't want to buy next year's that far in advance, but you can wait until last minute for next year, if they do discount the price to try and get rid of it all.

4) Or... buy your candy early instead of when everyone else does.

5) Don't buy too much candy. We're usually guilty of this one - no one wants to run out. We tend to go overboard though, and it ends up on my hips ;-)
6) Take care of your stuff. I just spend a few minutes this evening taking out batteries from flashing skulls and lit up plastic pumpkins so that I could store them for next year without fear of corrosion.

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chai said...

nice tip for the next halloween!