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Boston Pizza - "Kids Eat Free All Summer Long"

We were at Boston Pizza the other night - they have a promotion on at the moment where kids eat free all summer.

We examined the bill at the end of the meal to see what this covered: sure enough, their meals cost $0.00, but FYI we were still charged for their drinks and desserts.

Still, it's a bit of a savings if Boston Pizza (which can be a bit pricey) is a place that you enjoy going :)

Just to note - I'm not sure if this promo is running franchise-wide or if it was only at the restaurant we went to, so you might want to call your location first before heading out there.

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Saving Money In Small Ways - My Latest Attempt

At one point I subscribed to our local papers, the Vancouver Sun and the Province, six days a week for both papers (it started with one of those free trial offers, and then I just started paying because I'm kind of a in-print reading junkie ;)

But hey, that's a whole lotta reading when you have two kids constantly climbing on you, so I cut back to the Sun six days, and the Province on one day, so that I'd at least get a paper every day.

That was fine for awhile, but I've noticed lately that the papers have been piling up. I have a problem tossing papers I've PAID for until I've read them, but it was to the point where I had to do just that (cringe).

So now I've cut back even further (drum roll): I'll be getting the Sun on Fridays and Saturdays only, with the Province being Sundays only. Less $$$ spent, and hopefully now I'll be able to actually read them, too!

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