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Petcetera Savings

Because of a company restructure, Petcetera is offering discounts of up to 70% on its inventory. Here's a link with more info.

The sale is for 60 days, and is nation wide. Apparently they are trying to generate cash flow while filing for creditor protection. Hopefully this will work for them, because it would be a shame if they went completely under. Still, I suppose this is a reflection of the current economy - expensive pet extras are not in the average family budget these days!

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SoBe World Giveaway (U.S.)

Today SoBe World is having a promotion - they're giving away free 0 Cal Lifewater.

Here's the link to find out how to get yours:

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Nickel And Dime Tip - Hot Water

Here's a point I read awhile back that I thought I'd share:

Have you ever rinsed something, or washed your hands so quickly that even though your tap was set for warm or hot water, the hot water didn't have a chance to travel through the pipes before you turned the water off?

Essentially you ended up using cold anyway - no big deal. But unless you had the tap set for cold (in our case, pushed all the way to the right), there was still water taken from the hot water tank and drawn into the pipes. This means that more water will have to be heated to replace it.

It's such a small amount (not even pennies?) each time, until you consider adding up every single time the tap is turned on and off (on and off, on and off).

If the still cold water that comes out of the tap is fine for what you need, why take it from the hot water tank?

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Dr. Phil Episode "Saving Money, Tips And Tricks"

At the moment I'm watching a recorded episode of Dr. Phil, about money saving tips and tricks, featuring the Economides family. I'm busy typing a list of pointers that they offer for saving money, and as I'm doing so, can't help but keep score on our family (yikes ;)

Here goes:

Stock up during sales - I do this sometimes, but need to be more consistent.

Buy food in bulk and freeze (vacuum seal meat to prevent freezer burn) - we do this! We have a Food Saver vacuum sealer, which we use all the time (btw it works extremely well).

Buy at thrift stores - I do this sometimes. There are certain things I won't buy used (such as undergarments or shoes), but 80% of my kids' clothes are used, and as I sit here typing this, I'm wearing thrift store jeans.

Don't buy big - DING! Guilty. Have to work on this with DH, although he's not entirely to blame ;)

Avoid debt - we're trying hard on this one, but until we budget and learn to not spend more than we make, this will continue to be a challenge.

Live below your means - this one is tricky. I think DH and I are both a bit in denial about how things add up.

Use creativity instead of credit - hmmmm.... sounds interesting!

Embrace a thrifty lifestyle - I confess I do enjoy cutting coupons, comparing prices and looking for deals. Not all aspects of being thrifty are painful.

Shop with a list - we're good at this one :)

Plan menus ahead of time - I've done this in the past, but honestly I haven't noticed that it really made a difference. I guess it would depend on the type of meals that each family eats.

Use coupons - I'm good about this one! I even combine coupons with sales for even greater savings (patting myself on the back ;)

Buy bread from bakery outlets - we have a McGavin's bread basket close by, and it's amazing how much cheaper their bread is.

Shop in more than one store - we do this too - we have several stores that we choose from, and create custom lists for each.

Eat leftovers - DH takes leftovers for lunch to work :)

Don't buy what you don't need - this is one we have trouble with :(

Put a jacket on water heater to insulate - I think I'm going to look into this one, although our water heater is new and more energy efficient already.

Close heat vents in rooms not being used - LOL our house really isn't big enough for this to apply...

Bring in competitor flyers and many stores will match prices - I've never had the nerve to try this one - I think I just might.

As I type this, I'm thinking hmmm, instead of blogging, I should be clipping some coupons ;)

'Bye for now!

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