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5 More Things To Try Using Less Of

Here's a continuation of a previous post called "10 Things To Try Using Less Of". I was browsing through older posts and thought "hmmm, what else can I cut back on?"

1) Peanut butter - my kids love this on everything. I usually just slather it on, but I really could get away with using less.

2) Condiments - I can try putting less ketchup, etc., on my kids' plates, and only add more if they finish what they have.

3) Potatoes - we have a bad habit in our household of peeling too many potatoes when we make them mashed. We usually end up putting the pot on the floor so the dog can lick up the leftovers (but hey, do we save in dog food? ;-) I'm going to start using fewer potatoes from now on.

4) Toothpaste - you really only need a small dab, if you are brushing correctly and flossing as well. I need to supervise my kids more to make sure they're not squeezing out big globs of the stuff!

5) Bread - here's one I do already, but I thought it was worth mentioning. If I make full sized sandwiches for my kids (i.e. two slices each), I usually end up feeding leftovers to the dog. I've started limiting them to one slice per day, and now they finish what they're given, as well as eat more specifically nutrient dense foods (such as apples) because they're not over filled with bread.

There you go - more saving ideas to try. (As long as I don't make myself cut back on laptop power usage, I should be fine ;-)
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Russell said...

Top tips! Would I have to give up the strawberry jam I smear on the peanut butter ...


JEANNE said...

Mmmm... PB & J!! Yum :-) Maybe you could cut back somewhere else? lol