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Grocery Lists And Nostalgia

I used to use a master list for Costco: I would print copies on my computer, and have one on the fridge, checking off items as we needed them. The list contained things that we had discovered were cheaper at Costco (because not everything is).

I'm not sure why I stopped using it - I think I may have been out of printer ink and got out of the habit of printing my list. In any case, I haven't used it in awhile, until today.

I found the list in my PC, and printed some new copies (using the "fast draft" low ink setting on my printer, of course ;) When I scanned the list to see how current it was, I found an item safe to delete: Pull Ups!!

(Awwww, my babies are growing up!!)

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Petcetera Liquidation

It's sad but true - Petcetera will be closing its stores and laying off employees.

The upside is that they will try and liquidate as much of their remaining inventory as possible before they close their doors. At the moment the stores remain open, so watch for the sales to begin soon...

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Adding A Blogroll

I love blog rolls - they're pretty handy. I am trying to refocus on all things financial, so I have added one to this blog: "More Money Blogs" on the right hand column. As I write this post I have only one blog listed, Boston Gal's Open Wallet, but I'm going to add as many as I can find that I feel inspired or enlightened by :) One of the reasons I started with Boston Gal's is because she has a pretty big blog roll on her blog, so it's a place for me to start reading.

Happy saving, everyone!

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I'm Back!

Wow... it's been almost three months since my last post - yikes. Sorry 'bout that.

At the moment I'm listening to the "Can I Afford It" segment of the Suze Orman show. She's pretty tough, I must say! I don't think I'd call her ;) lol

Any day now, my husband's hours could be cut back at work, so I'm returning my focus once again to money matters and trying to be frugal. These days one never knows what lies around the corner.

Hopefully that will mean more regular posts :)

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