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15 Ways To Save Money On Kids' Clothes

Here are some ideas for saving money on kids clothes:

1) Hand me downs.

2) Thrift stores.

3) Buy some neutral, unisex pieces.

4) If your daughter is slender like mine, some of last years' pants (depending on the cut and style) can work as this year's Capri's.

5) Cold water wash and hang to dry items that aren't as dirty, to reduce wear and tear on the fabric.

6) Buy items too large so you can get use out of them longer.

7) Swap meets.

8) Ask for clothes as gifts (luckily both my kids love receiving clothes so they never wish they'd gotten a toy instead).

9) Browse through clearance racks and buy high value items even if they're too big. For example my son at the moment is wearing an adorable blue football sweater that I bought new from a Zellers clearance rack when I was still pregnant with him. Hanging in his closet are larger items, bought new on clearance, that he'll grow into.

10) Sell the stuff you can no longer use, if you don't have anyone to exchange or hand me down to. I know people who have made some spare change selling their kids' too small items on
websites such as eBay, Craigslist, and in garage sales.

11) Shop at garage sales.

12) If you've purchased something full price from stores such as Old Navy or The Gap, check afterwards to see if that item has gone on sale. Bring in your receipt for a partial refund.

13) Buy off season. This October I bought my daughter a skirt at Wal Mart (from the last of their summer items) that was regularly $12 and had been marked down to $3.

14) Keep track of sales.

15) Take advantage of programs such as Sears' KidVantage.

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