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10 Things To Try Using Less Of

Why not? You may be using more than you need. It's worth a try anyway...

1) Shampoo

2) Conditioner

3) Paper towels

4) Dishwasher detergent

5) Laundry detergent

6) Fabric softener

7) Juice (add some water - dentists recommend this anyway)

8) Ground beef (try cutting back in recipes: when you purchase it, instead of buying by the pound, buy three pounds and divide that into four portions. Then use one of those portions where a recipe would call for a full pound).

9) Cream in your coffee. (seriously??!! Yes, Jeanne, just try it ;-)

10) Toilet paper. I remember when I was a child my Dad would ask me to run and get some TP so he could clean his glasses: "But only ONE square, OK? I don't need more than that. Just one."

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click4credit said...

Nice one on the toilet paper. People usually just pull on the roll without realizing that they are getting 5 to 8 squares when all they really need is a square or two