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8 Tips For Saving Money On Food

Saving money on food is something we can all do. Here are some ideas that we've done in our home:

1) Grow your own spices (SO easy, and so delicious fresh :-)

2) Never buy ANYTHING already prepared. Grate your own cheese, for example.

3) Portion control! Start noticing how much food gets disposed of - in the trash, compost, to the dog, etc., and gradually scale back the amount you serve accordingly.

4) Try generics. It's true that some name brands are better (i.e. you get what you pay for), but many are no different and you won't know unless you try. Buy the smallest size of a generic brand to try it out, to minimize waste if you don't like it.

5) Mix generics and brand names to make the expensive kind last longer. Peanut butter is a good example - my daughter loves Kraft and isn't as fond of the cheaper Presidents Choice, but when I mix them together she doesn't notice.

6) Cook with less meat. There are excellent sources of meatless protein that are more cost effective.

7) Use coupons for items that are already on sale.

8) Invest in a bread machine. Easy, yummy, nutritious, and cost effective... what more can you want?


click4credit said...

another tip is to limit eating out. You could also prepare your own food and then bring them to work. You could also prepare some lunch for your kids whih they could eat at school.

Christina said...

These are great tips, especially when you have a family.

Thank you for visiting. ; )