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Saving Money On Cat Litter

We ran out one day, so as a temporary measure I lined the box with newspaper (we get four free local papers and TONS of fliers every week).

I haven't looked back. I would never have tried it in the first place because I thought that cats need to bury their waste, so why would they use the newspaper? They still try to bury it (my cat is forever pawing at the newsprint, wondering why it won't cover her, um, deposit). As long as the paper is in the box that they associate with litter, it's all the same to them.

The nice thing is, because they can't bury it, you're motivated to change it more frequently. Some people may see this as a disadvantage, however I find it easier to pick up and dispose of the paper rather than scoop around digging for stuff (it's less messy too, and you'd wash your hands either way anyway).

The drawback is that you can't recycle the newspaper once it's been used, but how environmentally friendly is cat litter anyway?

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