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The Danger Signs by Suze Orman

I'm watching The Suze Orman show and she just finished covering 6 warning signs of impending financial ruin, i.e. "the point of no return". I flipped open my laptop and started madly typing as she spoke. Here's what she said:

You are approaching the point of no return if the following is true:

1) You owe money on a credit card(s) with balances increasing every month, and you are only able to pay the minimum.

2) You need to take a loan from a retirement plan or mortgage to pay your credit card or living expenses.

3) You purchase necessities (food, for example) using credit cards.

4) You are living on cash advances.

5) You are falling behind on bills.

6) You can no longer afford life or health insurance.

(Phew... I don't feel so bad ;-)

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