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Organizing Coupons

One of the deterrents I faced to actually using the coupons I had so meticulously clipped was the fact that I could never find the ones I needed while in the store. I finally came up with a simple system that works for me:

  1. Sort coupons into piles by BRAND
  2. Paper clip each pile
  3. Put the piles in an order that works for you (alphabetically, by product type) and store them in a zip loc bag in your purse.
Voila! If you see Tide on sale, you flip through the clips until you get to your Tide coupons. I tried clipping by product type but found it faster to clip by brand, because by brand is usually how the coupons are redeemed.

For those of you who are interested in a more sophisticated system, there is a neat product called The Couponizer, featured in this post at

Happy shopping!

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