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4 Ways To Save On Auto Insurance

We're doing #1, which is what inspired this post:

1) Raise your insurance deductible. We're lucky in that DH is one of the best drivers I've ever known and never seems to need the insurance coverage we pay dearly for. (Knocking on wood now, hoping I haven't jinxed him).

2) Install anti-theft devices. We have a car alarm (I'm assuming this qualifies). Not sure about a snarling Pitbull in the back seat - you'd have to check with your auto insurance company.

3) If your car is older and would cost less than your yearly premium to replace (ack), consider waiving some of your benefits, such as collision or comprehensive.

4) Last but not least, maintain a good driving record - this can qualify you for all kinds of discounts (reducing your insurance from through the roof unaffordable to simply expensive).


Happy driving everyone!

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